Zones of SEA Aquarium Singapore

The SEA Aquarium has many exhibits and zones to explore and meet unique aquatic animals living in their natural habitat. The first exhibit of Zones at SEA Aquarium Singapore is The Shipwreck Zone which showcases the importance of shipwrecks through its viewing panel. In the School of Fish zone, you can learn about 5000 fishes and how they change the biodiversity index of Singapore. Ocean Diversity, home to millions of jellyfish, is another exciting zone at the aquarium and gives you a chance to meet and greet the infamous bottlenose dolphin.

You can also explore the fascinating Open Ocean Habitat and say hello to 40,000 marine creatures belonging to 129 different species. Quirky Adaptation is another eccentric zone, where you can meet the strange and amusing marine animals like Elephant Fish and Weedy Sea Dragon. Be thrilled by entering the Zone of Apex Predators and witness the night of the deadliest sea creatures. Lastly, don’t miss the chance to check out the Aquatic Ecosystems where you get to learn about the importance of land and water working together and powering the aquatic ecosystems.


Shipwreck is the first exhibit that you see as soon as you enter the S.E.A Aquarium. This zone contains 4 million liters of water showcasing the role of shipwrecks in housing corals and reefs. Shipwreck encompasses two galleries- a walkthrough tunnel and a flat viewing panel. The tunnel will take you on an immersive journey through the enchanting marine life and the flat viewing panel is where you get to witness advanced lightning-producing special effects. One of the most popular animals at this zone is the Zebra Shark, a nocturnal predator feeding on invertebrates. Black-blotched Fantail Ray and Bow-Mouth Guitarfish are some of the stars that you won’t come across in other SEA Aquarium Singapore Zones.

School of Fish
School of Fish

The School of Fish will make you witness a whopping number of 5000 fishes that increase Singapore’s Biodiversity index! This place will test your aqua-knowledge of fishes and other marines. You can see this place covered by bubble corals, which are the hardest ones in the shape of grapes. These corals have jelly-like tentacles that absorb dung light and contain symbiotic algae. The School of marine creatures contains a variety of fishes like the Alligator Gar, the Razor-Tooth Beast preying on the unsuspecting animals, and the infamous gender-changing clown fish.

SEA Aquarium Ocean Diversity
Ocean Diversity

Just as the name suggests, this place is home to magnificent aqua creatures including dolphins, octopuses, fishes, and over thousands of stunning sea jellies. These waters are home to the most vibrant fishes and jellies. The indo-pacific Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most popular and social fishes of the SEA Aquarium Singapore Zones. These animals are known to be having 7x the human vision and use the property of echolocation that makes their vision clearer. Fried egg sea jelly is another popular fish forming swarms that stretch thousands of kilometers. Long spined Sea Urchin, Moon Spined Jelly, Sea Nettle, and Tasmanian giant crab are other popular animals to see at this zone.

Open Ocean Habitat
Open Ocean Habitat

The Open Ocean Habitat will make you meet 40,000 marine creatures belonging to 129 different species. Here, you will find the Giant Grouper fish that attains a maximum growth of 2.7 meters and a whopping weight of 400 kilograms! These predators are so enormous that even little sharks fell to their prey. One of the largest sea animals of all the zones at SEA Aquarium Singapore, the Reef Manta Ray is just not to be missed.

Quirky Adaptions
Quirky Adaptations

Staying true to its name, ‘Quirky’, this zone has one of the strangest aquatic creatures to ever exist. These creatures are so unique that sometimes they appear to be extraterrestrial such as the strange Bump Head Parrot Fish, Elephant Fish, Queen Angelfish, Wolf Eel, and Weedy Sea Dragon. Another popular fish in this zone is the Weedy Seadragon, the intelligent animal that uses the smart technique to camouflage among seaweeds using its 45 centimeters long lean body.

Underwater City
Underwater City

The Underwater City will give you the chance to explore coral reefs, the city-like large structures formed underwater. Here, you can learn how these contribute to running the marine ecosystem and saving it. The underwater city possesses Brain Coral, one of the most important structures to transform coral reefs to reef flats. Blue Tang Fish, a fish that possesses a magnificent royal blue body, and a yellow tail are also present in this zone.

Apex Predators of Sea
Apex Predators of the Sea

The name of this zone is enough to know how it is a home to the deadliest hunters of the waters. Apex Predators of the sea make you come in the closest proximity to 100s of predators including 12 species of the wildest sharks. The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark is one of the most popular predators in this zone. Twang Nurse Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, Black Tip Reef Shark, and Sand Tiger shark are some other popular predators that live in this zone.

Aquatic Ecosystem
Aquatic Ecosystems

Besides the deep waters, coral reefs, hydrophytes, and marine life, the Aquatic Ecosystem depends upon rainforests as well. You can explore the magnificent environment where you can interact with beautiful aquatic animals. This zone is a popular home to beautiful starfishes like Knobbly Star, Green Brittle Star, and many others. The Black Sea Cucumber that secretes toxic liquid can be found here as well.


What is there to do at S.E.A. Aquarium?

    There is a lot to explore in S.E.A Aquarium. This place offers over 8 SEA Aquarium Singapore Zones making you meet around 100,000 aquatic animals. This experience includes close encounters with dolphins, sharks, alligators, and some of the most unique aquatic animals. You can also grab the tastiest meal of your life underwater and enjoy it while exploring the aquatics.

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