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After the fascinating exploration of S.E.A Aquarium, you can think of visiting some more pleasing and intriguing attractions near SEA Aquarium Singapore. All the nearby attractions of SEA Aquarium Singapore will offer unique experiences in all aspects whether the real-life sky-high adrenaline boosters, splashing of waters through the water park, or treats of virtual chills supported by audio-visual sensory. All of the experiences at Singapore flier, Singapore cable car, and Sky helix will offer you the thrills and captivating views from the heavenly skies of the beauty of Sentosa island and its surrounding turquoise waters. If just the views aren’t enough to fill your heart, you can visit Skypark by Aj Hackett.

The famous park is known for intense adventurous activities like swinging at the giant swing and bungee jumping from the 50-meter tall bungy tower. If you want to experience something unique, you must visit the Trickeye museum as it offers mind-bending optical illusions. Other exciting places to explore are the universal studios with different themed zones and the 4D Adventureland which presents you with the best audio-visual experiences. Following these, you can check out some water-based fun, the Wild Wild Wet water park for having some splash water fun, and snorkeling at Adventure Cove park. Finally, you can end your day sitting in the relaxing show of Wings of Time.

Skyline luge sentosa Singapore
Sentosa Skyline Luge

Situated on Sentosa island, Sentosa Skyline Luge is one of the famous attractions near S.E.A Aquarium Singapore. The ride of Skyline is huge and one of the largest and thrilling gravity-fuelled rides. This ride will make you hop on to the driver seat of the most unique 3-wheeled carts with gravity doing all the needful work to give you chills. This exciting ride features sloppy-downhills and exhilarating tunnels through the mystical forest when the sun goes down and moonlight starts to shine in.

Singapore Universal Studios View
Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studios is a park located in Resort World Sentosa on Sentosa Island spreading across 49 acres with 7 different themed areas. You will be happy to immerse yourself in themed zones based upon Blockbuster Hollywood movies or series like Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Lost World, and Sci-Fi-City. You can dine in to have the tastiest food and shop your favorite items from all the retail and eateries available inside. One of the most enchanting experiences is to hop on a board for a narrow escape from the prehistoric beast T-Rex in the section of the Lost World.

Wild Wild Wet Ride
Singapore Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet, one of Singapore's largest water parks, has a total of 16 attractions to select from. Seven of those attractions are adventure rides providing a boost of adrenaline and the other ones are best suited for light-hearted people and kids. A children's play area is there containing miniature slides, fountains, and water buckets to keep your children entertained. The light-hearted ones can try out the lazy river shiok or relax in the wave pool; there is ample leisure for everyone. Along with all of the excitement and adventure comes a crucial aspect called "safety," which is a primary emphasis in wild wild wet. This incredible water park received the Pro-Family Business Mark for remarkable safety measures such as the usage of world-level lifeguarding, life jackets, and child-care facilities. It is undoubtedly one of the best attractions near SEA Aquarium Singapore to have a frolicking tie with your kids and family.

singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

Experience the mesmerizing night lights of the city of Singapore from the heavenly heights of Singapore Flyer which is a very popular nearby attraction of SEA Aquarium Singapore. Enjoy the tastiest dinner under the stars and above the city’s glittery lights with your loved ones. Singapore flyer is popular for couples to enjoy the unique dining as this place offers you up-in-the-sky service. You can choose from various options of dining, such as western or oriental cuisines. After the yummiest dinner, you can move into a capsule-like area with a few other people. This place again makes you witness panoramic views of the shimmery city of Singapore from the top of the sky.

Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car start from six stations, a typical cable car ride is about 26-30 minutes moving at a constant speed of 9.5 miles per hour. This infamous cable car is the only one in the world that connects two mountain peaks across 4.4 kilometers. These cable cars are made up of oaks, brass, steel, canvas, and Alaskan spruce. Since it is so popular, cable cars depart from six locations and transport you through the aerial ropeway to the exciting island. From the top, you can witness the splendor of Mount Faber Park, Resort World, and Universal Studios, as well as Singapore's captivating views.

adventure cove Sentosa
Adventure Cove Waterpark

The famous Adventure Cove Waterpark will make you experience the thrilling rides and slides. This park features a unique bio-diversity offering you to say hello to the magnificent aquatic creatures. You will be able to catch a glimpse of 20,000 vibrant tropical fishes over a colorful reef. This long adventure will make you travel over the gardens, and tunnels through the adventure river. You will be able to get a boost of adrenaline by riding high-speed slides along with your loved ones. Enjoy the thrilling rides of Whirlpool washout, splash works, net maze, tidal twister, and pipeline plunge with your dear ones. End your day by snorkeling across the waters with enchanting fishes and other beautiful forms of aquatic life. It is an unmissable attraction near SEA Aquarium Singapore.

Sentosa 4D Adventureland
Sentosa 4D Adventureland

The Sentosa 4D Adventureland, just as its name speaks, is a 4D-adventurous experience taking you on immersive virtual rides. This 4-dimensional action will take you into different themed zones, each offering a unique virtual experience. All of these rides need you to put on those amazing 4D glasses to set yourself on the journey of the virtual thrills. The rides like extreme log rides, journeys, desperados, and haunted mines will give you all unique audio-visual experiences. You will get the visual treat of watching elephants, butterflies, chills of ghosts, and defeat your enemies visually.

wings of time singapore1.jpg
Wings of Time

"Wings of Time" is Singapore's only permanent night show, running every day at 7:40 p.m at Sentosa Island. This water-work show, held on the Beach, is a popular activity that visitors enjoy and unwind after their exciting activities on this adventurous island. Wings of Time is a show displayed using a 3D projector, lasers, pyrotechnics, and a water fountain based upon Artificial Intelligence. The captivating music is played to transport you on the beautiful journey promised through the sands of time. The show's long contemporary storyline follows Shahbaz, a bird who lives in prehistoric eras only to wander through the world with his friend.

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

This place stands true to its name as Go green Segway eco-adventure contributes to the environment. This eco-friendly tour will make you witness the beautiful sightseeing of the infamous adventurous Sentosa Island through an 800-meter-long track. GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure is a safe activity most suitable for light-hearted people. Being on land, this will present you with the most serene views of the Sentosa island, serene turquoise waters, and Singapore’s popular attractions including Siloso, Tanjong, and Palawan Beach. You will be able to ride this Segway with your friends and family as this ride welcomes everyone belonging to any age group but must be taller than 105 centimeters. This is an unmissable attraction near SEA Aquarium Singapore.

trickeye museum reach.jpg
Trickeye @Southside

This nearby attraction of SEA Aquarium Singapore, just as the name suggests, tricks you with optical illusions assisted by Augmented reality. The art of transferring 2D paintings and sculptures into 3D optical illusions that fool the viewer's sight is performed here. The museum is organized into six themed zones: Trick World, Fairy Tale, Excitement, Supernatural, Fantasy, and Masterpiece World. The Trick Eye Museum uses augmented reality to trick the imagination with stunning 80 optical illusion skills. You will be able to interact with the exhibits throughout the Augmented track zones.

Sky Helix in singapore
Sky Helix

Just as the name suggests, the Sky helix Sentosa ride is inspired by the structure of a helix. This ride is Singapore’s only and highest open-air ride lying 79 meters above sea level. Sky helix Sentosa ascends in a gentle spiral-helical motion, carrying you and your family up in the sky. Once you experience this ride, you will be able to see the breathtaking 360-degree views of the entire Sentosa island, emerald waters, and Southern islands. You can experience this ride during the shine of euphoric sun rays or the glittery nights of the Singapore skyline.

Experience AJ Hackett Sentosa
Skypark Sentosa AJ Hackett

The Sky Park by Aj Hackett is one of the most popular nearby attractions of SEA Aquarium Singapore. It is famous for its four adventurous activities- giant swing, vertical skywalk, skybridge, and the most popular bungee jumping. Bungee jumping involves attaching a sturdy harness to your body and jumping from a height of 47 meters in Sentosa from a 50-meter-long big bungee tower located on Siloso beach. One of the most fascinating activities on Aj Hackett is the Sky Bridge, which is an open-air glass-floored connector between two towers. The experience of walking on the transparent glass floor is enough to fill your heart with a sense of thrill. Another exciting pastime is the Giant Swing, which swings you at a stunning 120 kmph with two other swingers.

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